Thursday, 19 April 2012

Death in Flitbury Marshes

Second in the Elversford Mysteries set in Essex is now published and available to download from Amazon.

When Sarah Hedley discovers a dead body in a crashed car she has an unwelcome insight into her husband Detective Inspector Hal Hedley’s work.

The car has been hidden in undergrowth for seventeen years. The body, however, is fresh. When DI Hedley’s team investigate the suspicious death, they discover it was murder, which makes the placing of the body in the car bizarrely significant… but to whom?

Hedley’s sergeant Fiona Connor is tasked with much of the work, but murder is the least of Fiona's problems at the moment.

Sarah Hedley’s involvement with the case doesn’t end with the discovery of the body, and she finds herself unable to leave well alone.

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